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This calls into question the mode of production, but also all processes and relationships upstream. Purchasing, supply, transportation, as many phases of logistics that the company must rethink to make a successful transition. So what is the true importance of supply chain management, and how to optimize it?

Supply chain management, the key element of logistics optimization

Reference is made here to improving coordination of the supply chain. It is a question of forecasting actions as close as possible to needs, so as not to waste resources. If this waste can take many forms, it can be summed up in one word: waiting. A workshop waiting for the raw material to start production is time and money lost. In the other direction, the raw material that is waiting represents unnecessary storage costs. With the truck loads option the results are perfect now.

To optimize the supply chain and counter these losses, the most effective measure is the implementation of management processes. The question you need to ask yourself is: “How do I organize my flows to make them more fluid and reduce the wait between each step? “. You know your company, so you know the answer.

But the most complex, a priori, is to formalize it in a process. Yet this is how you can guarantee the quality of your actions over time. To continually improve your processes, it is important to think the method regularly .Because if you expect a loss of efficiency to question the process, it will surely be too late.

Keys of Logistics Optimization

Formalize your logistics strategy

The management of your supply chain must transcribe your strategy to achieve your goals. For that, each member of your team must have these goals in mind. We must formalize them, but also explain how to achieve them. This is an important prerequisite.

Assign this function to a supply chain manager to optimize it

2 out of 5 companies experienced at least one logistic break in the past year. And yet, the same proportion does not intend to recruit manage the supply chain. A paradox when we know that some professional training is their specialty. Especially since an optimized supply chain can have direct positive effects on cash flow.

Master the logistics processes to coordinate them

Logistics optimization involves the advanced understanding of the supply chain processes to adjust them. You will create a standard of quality in operation. A process perfectly mastered by the manager and his teams can also increase agility, and thus better manage emergencies .


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