A truly fantastic family holiday adventure in today’s tech-centric world would be an experience that takes you away from all the hubbub of everyday life. And what better way is there to do this than to take a horse riding tour, out in nature? Best of all, you just need the correct riding gear to make this experience idyllic while ensuring your comfort and safety.

Comfortable horse riding pants

You want to be comfortable while enjoying your break away, and the correct pants for horse riding are essential to this. After all, your legs are going to be in contact with the horse in some way, at all times.

The best example of ideal horse riding pants would be Jodhpurs. These are trousers specifically made for horse riding, originating in Jodhpur, India in the 1890s. These pants fit loosely around your middle and hips to let you move about freely and comfortably, while also fitting more tightly down the calf to your ankle. This tighter section protects your legs against chafing from constant contact with the horse.

Protective riding gear

Now that you’ve got your comfortable pants, you naturally want to look after them. A sturdy pair of chaps is perfect for this, as they provide cover for both your pants and the tops of your boots against mud, dust andeven scrapes you would otherwise get while going past bushes and other vegetation.

Your own protection is also important, which is why gloves are a great idea. Just like your pants, your hands could easily come into contact with passing bushes and branches on some trails, and cutting or scratching your hands could cause you to pull on the rains or swat them about in a way that would send the wrong signal to the horse. Also, if you happen to fall, you want to be sure that your hands are protected against stones, grit, and whatever else might be waiting on the ground.

Riding caps

You might be wondering why riding caps are mentioned separately. The reason is that this piece of riding gear is too important to not stand out on its own.

Head injuries are the most dangerous injuries riders face, and they can happen faster than any of us realise. So protecting your noggin is essential, and riding caps help you do just that. Make sure you buy yourself a good quality cap that is sturdy and fits well.

For all your horse riding clothing needs, go to a reputable equine goods supplier like Trident Saddlery. Get the best out of your next family horseback adventure.

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